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Mid-Week Generative Tidbits #001

Hello Friends,

Starting this week, I will be sending a mid-week tidbit of interesting generative musings. My plan is to include anything from a resource lists to snippets of code and more.

For this week, I’ve been archiving material for the newsletter for a while. But since I’m curating the newsletter with the best resources I’ve found that week, I wanted to provide the opportunity to reference the work that may not have found its way into the newsletter.

So I have a breathing document that I will provide access to and I would love for you all to contribute to it.

You can get to the above site by going to the following link.

I’ll be adding reviews and ratings on these resources as I cover them to help moderate the best of the resources as the list grows.

Leave any recommendations in the comments and I’m open up for new ideas to make this even more helpful and user friendly.

Anyways, it’s short and simple but I hope that it provides value.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!