Sitemap - 2021 - Generative Arts / Creative Coding Weekly

Constructivist Art, Some Interesting Reads and Painting Catapults

Painting Robots, Domain Shifting And Creating an Inviting Space in Generative Art

Marfa, Subdivision and Runtime Patching

Quick Update!

What is the Future of Generative Art?

Nodi3D, Machines Making Art, and Eigenvectors

Interlocking Cable Ties, Generative NFTs, Mathematical Optimization Art

Fourier Transforms, Glitch Monsters, Digital Art Displays

Alien Dreams, Generating MIDI, and Drawing with Oceans

Conceptual Art, Fear, and Generative Synthesis

Poetic Gameplay, Emergent Structures, and Bending Light

Bonsai Trees, Color History and Depth Estimation

What makes a good generative agent?

Cistercian Numerals, 3D Models, and Perfect Loops

Futuristic Generative Art, Ferrofluids and Simulations

Random Machines, Creative Rust, Blurred Boundaries

From Generative Systems to Generative Aesthetics

Generative Poetry, Archimedian Solids and Dextro

The Generative Past, Flowing Type and Micobe Ecosystems

Alda, Generative Music in Clojure, Generative Pixel Art

Thoughts on NFTs, Algo-music and Processes

Ink Streams, Glitch Aesthetics and Generative Typography

Spiraling Arcs, Crypto Art, and Voronoi in Blender

Autonomous Artistry and the Physical

Procedural Nodes, Self Organizing Textures, and Tyler Hobbs

QOTW: What is your definition of generative art?

Generative Art and R

Generative Art, Touch Designer and Genuary 2021

Unbundling Creativity, Jung's Archetypes and AI Sculptures

QOTW: What are your favorite generative art tools?

Fine Art, Daily Code Sketches and Leaf Venation

2021 has Come!